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Nathalie Lesage
Nathalie Lesage – Tree Of Life Leather Necklace (Strawberry Jasper & Copper)

Hi, I’m Nathalie Lesage, surface pattern designer, graphic artist, jewelry designer, watercolor artist, wellness coach, gardener and writer. There’s so many things “I love” doing that I wanted to create a very special space online, filled with everything I enjoy doing, plus a sprinkle of magic and wonder. I had to name it “My Garden Of Love”, because it’s exactly what it is!

By choosing to purchase and own original artisan artwork, hand-designed and made with high quality materials, you’re creating an uplifting world around you and in your daily life. That’s why I put so much thought and care into every piece I create. Creating artwork is a process that I take seriously, and always infuse with kindness, positive energy and gratitude.

I’ve been creating art with my hands my whole life, and making jewelry since 2006.

I source the best quality paints, gemstones and materials that I can find, and use them to create beautiful and durable pieces that feel completely natural and look entirely unique.

My husband and I live on the Pacific Coast, on Vancouver island, but as we’re a trucking family I’ve spend a lot of time in our 5th wheel traveling in Western Canada. Life on the road is a constant source of inspiration, as are my memories of traveling to magical, sun-soaked places and living (for several years) in beautiful sunny Barbados. My pieces are inspired by the natural beauty of the world and the invigorating experience of moving through it with wide eyes and an open heart.

I invite you to keep an eye on my various online shops to discover my latest designs, and feel free to contact me with any questions about pieces that might interest you.

With love and inspiration,


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