How would you like a gift? I love to draw and create designs. Well, I couldn’t keep it for myself, so here’s my first FREE Printable Coloring Page, which I will simply call “The Snail” in My Garden Of Love. Do you like to color? I sure do! I used to spend so many hours coloring when I was a little girl…. it was fun, and so relaxing! I’ve started painting and drawing again a few months ago, and I just felt the need to color, and decided to make some pages for myself, and make them available for you, my friends.

I love to grow vegetables and flowers, and of course, in My Garden Of Love, I do encounter the odd snail wandering around. Well, hello there Mr. Snail or is it a Miss Snail?!? They are fascinating little creatures, aren’t they? Do you know how to tell them apart? I can’t! LOL

Here’s your Free Printable Coloring Page (click on the image to download the PDF file):

Free Printable Coloring Page The Snail

I made this happy garden snail travel through a bit of an exotic garden. I hope you will download this FREE Printable Coloring Page that I’ve created for you. Of course, if you have kids or grand-kids at home, print lots of extra copies for them too, so you can all color together at the kitchen table! This design is meant to fit on one 8.5″ x 11″ page (standard American letter size).

Do you find coloring as relaxing as I do? I’d love to see pictures of your finished My Garden Of Love artwork!

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Happy coloring my friends!

Nathalie 🙂