Some of you may have been wondering why I’ve sort of disappeared from the online world for the past several months, and why I’m no longer a Beachbody coach. Why you’re not seeing my newsletters, why this new website has been sitting stagnant since I started it last December. Why am I not making any artwork, etc. Depression has seriously kicked my tush this year. You will understand why in a minute.

Frankly, I didn’t have the strength to talk about it online for the longest time. As you know, depression zaps energy, and I’ve been mentally and physically drained as we’ve been going through SO MUCH. To save us all a bunch of time, I’ll just do a quick recap of our 2016 year so far, which can be summed up by the word Depression, Anxiety, Major Sickness, and a Flood as the cherry on top:

  • Our year started with moving back home on short notice on the Island (from Northern BC) when my hubby lost his job. Packing up and moving during Christmas/New Years was very stressful, and we’re so grateful for our son Kyle for his tremendous help to get us back home. We couldn’t have done it without him. He’s our hero.
  • After we got home, we both had to look for work. It was incredibly difficult for both of us to find jobs, and really didn’t help our depression – we’re both suffering from this – but after 4 months of applying to a ton of job postings, we finally got interviews and we were both successfully hired (mine was permanent full-time, my hubby’s was temporary full-time to the beginning of October). We had lots of stress due to having absolutely no income for so many months, our savings were dwindling fast.
  • My hubby had some health issues related to his heart on and off for some time and things changed very quickly and very seriously.
  • I started getting ill before the long weekend in May, with severe nausea every single day. It was horrible, and and after being scanned, probed, tested in countless ways, the cause of that problem has not yet been found and I’m on the waiting list to see the Internist (been waiting since June, we’re almost at the end of September).
  • In the meantime, (in late June), my hubby’s heart gave out totally. He ended up in ER flat-lining 3 times (let me tell you, that was so scary to see my hubby taking his last breath, convulsing and flat-lining), and he was soon sent down island to get a new Pacemaker.
  • He’s recovering well from the pacemaker surgery, but he’s dealing with extremely severe back issues since then, as well as dealing with a major concussion (his 4th major concussion) as when his heart flat-lined, his body fell backwards on the cement floor with his full lifeless weight. He’s a big guy. He fell very hard 🙁
  • With him and his heart/back/concussion, and me and my non-stop nausea and IBS-D, we’ve both lost our jobs as a result. Talk about stress over top of stress, over top of stress.
  • Our RV had gotten vandalized awhile back, and in the middle of all this, we had to get the repairs done because we were running close to the end of the claim-time to get the work completed and covered by the insurance, but the insurance doesn’t cover everything, and so we’re $1200 out of pocket on this thing. Ugh.
  • Add to that a CPAP machine for my hubby’s heart/breathing (nearly another 2000 $)
  • As if that wasn’t enough, we came home from a BBQ potluck supper at our son’s place on Aug. 28th, and we walked in to our small home FLOODING because the hot water tank sprung a big leak = half our small home got wet/flooded, and thankfully, we have insurance. We’ve had to move out for 12 days in a hotel while the emergency work had to be done (rip out all sub-floors, etc… rebuild floors/structure for half the house, change water heater, change all the plumbing). It’s been supremely chaotic to say the least.

Now, we’re in the ‘limbo’ time between our new flooring arriving (it’s on order) and installation. The place will get painted in the meantime, etc. We’ve had to push forward with some unexpected expenses relating to the renos (had to invest in replacing all the old plumbing lines in our mobile home otherwise our insurance would not cover us at renewal time next year, buy a new hot water tank, replace the old bath and toilet, among other things).

Here’s a picture of our flooring choices. We have vinyl and carpeting and we wanted to keep it that way. So we went with a really nice ‘wood plank look’ vinyl flooring, and a nice carpet to go along with it:

Vinyl 'wood plank' look flooring and the carpet color we picked.
Vinyl ‘wood plank’ look flooring and the carpet color we picked.

We’ve got to pick the wall paint color(s), but I think we’re going to go with a light sand/linen shade for the walls, and I can add color with curtains and accessories. Once it’s all done, it will be a whole new fresh place. We’re getting the other half of the house’s flooring done too, so it will all match, and painted as well.

We were not expecting any of this to happen, and I don’t think anyone can expect all this to happen to them in such a short period of time, and as you can imagine, after 9 months of being back ‘home’ on the island, we’ve been struggling on many fronts. We thought 2014-2015 had been rough years, 2016 has proven to take the prize so far. (deep breath)

Once we’re no longer ‘camping’ in our own home, living in boxes with half our stuff in storage with the reno company (renos should be done by the end of October – we’re waiting on the carpet and flooring to arrive mid-end of October), then hopefully life will become a bit more normal around here!!! We’re SO looking forward to this!!

We’re very thankful for GOD always being there for us to lean on, and for our family and friends too!

So, that’s why you haven’t seen me around much online. I’ve been battling (and so has my hubby) with severe depression – which is normal with everything that we’ve been going through. We’re receiving help on that front, and everything is going to be ok eventually, but there’s only so much we can handle at once and let’s just say that we’ve both been pushed to our limits. We deeply love each other and that makes things a lot easier, but it’s nonetheless extremely difficult to go through all this scary stuff.

Your thoughts and prayers are very much welcome and appreciated…