Today I want to talk about the incredible Labradorite Flash that we found this weekend at the gem show. A small slab of this stone turned out to be such a beautiful piece!

I’m slowly settling in my new studio space back at home on Vancouver Island. I have painted the walls, and I’m sorting through my piles of gemstones and supplies. It’s nice to reconnect with my tools and create a space that we’ll be enjoying for a long time.

So much has happened on a personal level since we moved back mid-January, I won’t bore you with the details, but I will say that despite some seriously heavy-duty life challenges, my hubby and I are so happy to be living once again at home in the town that we love so much. There’s nothing like being close once again to family and friends!

Last weekend, we went to the Comox Valley Rock and Gems show at the Legion. We had such a wonderful time! (well of course we did… we were immersed in gems and rocks and talked ‘rocks’ with many wonderful local people all afternoon!!). Both my husband and I have a special fondness for Labradorite, especially that blue flash that you can see when you catch the light just the right way with a piece of this wonderful gemstone.

We love it so much that we’ve attempted to capture that incredible blue color and veining from a small piece of slab that we’ve purchased, and I’ve created a few items for sale in our Society6 store, such as this cool “Labradorite Flash” iPhone case (also available for Galaxy phones) – doesn’t it look like this iphone case is made of Labradorite? I just love the abstract blue design this created:

Labradorite Flash iPhone Case Blue Abstract by Nathalie Lesage
Labradorite Flash iPhone Case Blue Abstract Design

I have that iPhone case (it’s called the Tough Case) with a different design on it, and it’s fantastic. Super light, yet very solid and it protects my phone so well. The colors of the designs are nice and ‘vivid’, which is important to me. I do have some cell phone covers for sale on Zazzle as well, but I find the colors come out more muted. The Society6 cases really come out beautifully.

I’ve made several other items using the same image. Here’s a neat framed abstract Art Print that you can view/purchase here in various sizes:

Labradorite Flash Art Print by Nathalie Lesage
Labradorite Flash Art Print by Nathalie Lesage

Do you like to use a travel mug? I really like the design of these mugs on Society6. I particularly like how the lid works on these… well, now, you can own your Labradorite Flash travel mug 🙂 You’ll find these here:

Labradorite Flash Travel Mug by Nathalie Lesage
Labradorite Flash Travel Mug

There’s even some blank stationary cards (and more) in my shop. I just can’t get enough of this blue flash. Isn’t Labradorite a cool stone?

Labradorite Flash Stationary Cards Greeting Cards by Nathalie Lesage
Labradorite Flash Stationary Cards

I’m also very slowly getting back into making jewelry… and I just finished making these today, listed in My Garden Of Love Etsy shop here:

Urban Life Copper Sterling Weathered Flower Earrings by Nathalie Lesage
Urban Life Copper Sterling Weathered Flower Earrings

These earrings have a soft rustic, weathered look, a bit like me these days. But one thing is for sure, we don’t give up. We keep on moving forward. We might be getting older and looking more weathered, but the soul and the heart stand strong.

Peace out,