Are you looking for Young Living Diffuser Recipes?

I love to play with my oils (I’m not ashamed to say it!! LOL) and I enjoy trying out new blends every week.

My latest addition to my Young Living Diffuser Recipes board is a WINNER:

Nathalie Lesage Young Living Diffuser Recipes Carpe DiemMy husband was really happy when I tried this one today. He knows when I come around with an armful of Essential Oils bottles in my arms and I’m hovering around, going from diffuser to diffuser and adding in my drops with a grin on my face and then start one up nearby him…that I’ve got something new in my head lol I joyfully turn to him and say: What do you think of this one? His big smile, several nods of approval and two thumbs up tell me I have a winner!

We love using our Young Living Essential Oils and other wonderful products in our daily life in so many different ways (You can read about why I chose Young Living Essential Oils here) and of course, in our diffusers too. These blends will uplift your mood or create a calming environment… you decide what you need!

Some are new Young Living diffuser recipes creations by me, others are suggested by friends, in the end, some end up being true favorites and I save them to my Pinterest Board here: Follow My Favorite Diffuser Blends Board, try some of these Diffuser Blends in your home, share these with your friends, and please, let me know how you like them!

Are you new to Essential Oils and not sure where to start?

I get it. There’s so much information out there about Essential Oils, diffuser recipes, topical applications, pets, etc, it’s enough to make your head spin! I’ve personally been using Essential Oils since 2005, and learned a ton along the way. Don’t make the mistakes I did (aka “Let me save you some money my dear!!”)

I’d love to help you get started and show you how wonderful pure Essential Oils really are. I offer personal support as well access to fabulous private support groups filled with positive, caring, and uplifting women who share a wealth of knowledge and support. It’s priceless and wonderful!

Contact me with any questions you may have, and let’s get you started with these incredible oils.