Why Young Living?

I believe deep in my heart that Young Living has the most pure and best Essential Oils and Essential Oils Infused products on the market. Their commitment to their Seed To Seal Quality says a lot. Their stewardship towards the environment by very carefully farming organically all of the plants for their oils. The Young Living Foundation, which generously helps families and children worldwide (check the Foundation website, it’s incredible!). The great care and LOVE that is so evidently present and displayed in absolutely everything they do in the company. Everything they create from products to customer care, and how they treat their distributors. All these reasons are part of why we chose Young Living, but there’s even more…

Quality of People’s Hearts, not just of the Products

Everything is absolutely top notch quality at Young Living. Everything is looked at to the finest detail. I’m a picky (ok, VERY picky) person to please, especially when it comes to Customer Service and quality of products I purchase. I don’t mind investing money IF the products are effective and of excellent quality. Also, their Customer Service is really in the business of caring for their customers. You can feel the heart of their customer service representatives when you call them. They take their time to talk WITH you. You feel their joy of being where they are, in doing what they do. It speaks VOLUMES.

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What we weren’t expecting

Young Living embodies this and goes FAR BEYOND THAT. We weren’t expecting to find a HUGE group of amazingly supportive women to come with the starter kit that I purchased! We’re surrounded by LOVE, POSITIVISM, Help, Laughter, Great Ideas and more 24/7! Yay!!!! It feels SO GOOD!

This is why, after my husband and I both became afflicted by some serious chronic health issues awhile back, we decided to really focus on supporting our bodies and getting rid of toxins as much as possible. For that reason, after doing our research, we went with Young Living Essential Oils and Supplements. We love these products so much! Add the wonderful group support we get on top, and I couldn’t help but become a Young Living Distributor. This company and our big oily family has changed our life for the better!

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If you know which Young Living Starter Kit you’d like to buy already – it’s the absolute best value to get started with – then CLICK HERE and grab yourself a Distributor account to get the Wholesale price, and I’ll get you set up in our fabulous Facebook Groups once your order has come through the system! Of course, you can shop for other Essential Oils, Savvy Mineral Make-up, Household Cleaning products with Thieves Oil, as well as wonderful NingXia Red or Essential Oils infused Supplements. Grab what you need, or ask me questions first, and we’ll go from there!

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